It’s been awhile!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated but just wanted everyone to know I’m still here and transporting pets. I’ve slowed down in order to focus on my EEG exam to get registered and I’m happy to say I passed!! I’m also slowing down to focus more time on my own dogs and breeding program. My daughter and her dog Dory had their first trial and got their BH which is the obedience title you must get in IGP before going forward with other titles. They have another trial at the end of this month with Working Dogs of America to hopefully get their FO. Both my breeding girls are scheduled for X-rays for their hips and elbows on April 26th. For those wondering, I will be breeding German Shepherds.

As much as I say I’m slowing down, that doesn’t mean I won’t transport because I can’t say no when some needs help. Maybe that’s why my full time job is working at a hospital.

My girl Onri

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