Exhausting but Rewarding

Puppy transporting certainly can be very exhausting but it’s also very rewarding too. Its not just about getting a put to their destination safely but also keeping them entertained, happy, and quiet for the rest of the passengers. It can be very hard for young pups to hold their bladders for a flight and not all will go in the carrier on the puppy pad. So instead they scream and fuss and get very antsy. Keeping them calm at this point is near impossible but you still have to try which is a constant job while bent over as you can’t remove the puppy from the carrier.

Then there is the issue that some puppies get very hot in the carrie. For this reason I don’t use the pad that my carrier comes with. I minimize what they lay on to minimize them from getting so hot. If necessary I’ll ask the flight attendant for a cup of ice.

I do my best to keep the pups as comfortable as I can while s .

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