Challenge accepted!!!

A few weeks ago a client hired me to take care of her sweet boy for a night and take him to the airport early the next morning to fly cargo. I still had to work my normal job so I put him in one of my crates and left for work. 90 minutes later my daughter got home from school and sent me the first picture. I knew instantly this dog wasn’t going to make it to his destination in a simple plastic crate. Due to being persistant and stubborn I knew I had to figure out an alternate crate. Problem is it’s very difficult to get your hands on a heavy duty crate without ordering one which I didn’t have time for. I notified the owner of the problem and that I was trying to find a better crate for him. After striking out on used I called a friend of mine an hour away that has a board and train facility and sells Dakota crates. After speaking with her I notified the owner of the plan which she agreed to. I then asked my husband to take our daughter and the clients dog to our friends place to size him for a crate and get one. This crate I knew he couldn’t destroy and as you can see in the pictures it worked well.

This is just an example of the determination and care I give your pets to get them to their destination. Please notify me if you ever have any questions or concerns about a transport need. You never know what I can do until you ask!!

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