Hello!! My name is Amy and if you’re reading this then you’re probably wondering why you should pick me to care for and transport your pets. I have had cats and dogs my entire life. My dogs are allowed on my bed and on the couch. They are treated like a member of my family. They have a toy box filled with balls, squeaky toys, and nylabones, 2 of my German Shepherds my daughter and I participate with a local dog club training to some day compete for sport dog titles in protection, obedience, and tracking. All of my dogs are crate trained at a very young age. In fact I have several dog crates in my house and also in the garage. At times I’ve watched up to 4 dogs from a couple breeders so they could take a vacation. 

In 2019 when the Bear Fire was threatening and burning homes, a breeder friend of mine had to evacuate. I told her to come over. When she arrived she had her dog trailer filled with dogs, her vehicle with dogs and crates, as well as her boyfriend’s vehicle also with dogs. She had brought all 10 of her dogs and one was pregnant and due that day. I quickly started asking my community if anyone had a whelping box or plastic kiddie pool. Luckily someone had a pool and gave it to us. My husband drove over to get it and we set it up in my garage with blankets and towels just in case. My Dining Room looked like a crate room with crates everywhere. Outside we had 6-8 dogs playing in my backyard. My friends dog ended up having 5 puppies but the last was born sleeping. By the end of the day I had 17 dogs at my house and I never regretted having my friend over plus all of her dogs. I knew in that emergency we would find a way to make it work and we did. 

Choosing me means I will love, care, and protect your pet as if they are my own. If flights are canceled or delayed then it means I get more time to spoil your pet while I work out a new route to our destination while always keeping you informed. Having a stranger care for your pet adds anxiety that you don’t need. Therefore you will always be informed of any and all changes plus receive updates along our route. I want you and your pet to always feel comfortable with me.